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Mountain Trike E-trike (e-assist) Off-road Wheelchair 

The Mountain Trike e-assist hand cycle .

Wheelchair specification 

Postural support: Waist belt, low and high back options, side support, optional chest harness. 

Optional Hand/Foot support: Active hands available,  optional push-handle

Solo or Tandem: Solo

Size: Adult

Independent control: Yes, push-levers plus twist throttle

Gear Shift Position: 5 power settings

Brake Lever Position: both

E-assisted: Yes

How many wheels: 3

Terrain: Forest paths,  grass and small roots

Distance: Slow, Heavy, Quick (Approx half day)

Manoeuvrability and Steering:  good turning circle, difficult to reverese

For more information have a look on their website here: Mountain Trike E-trike

Costs and Booking 

Guided rides are £170 for a half day and £300 for a full day (includes up to 8 people)
Hire for a half day £40
Hire for a full day £60
link to the bike hire booking form and group booking form

Who's it for? 

Perfect for Adults, who would like some assistance to travel off road or active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain

Where can it go? 

This off-road chair is suitable for 800mm wide footpaths, gravel, small roots, grass fields. 

How far can it go? 

With the epower Mountain Trike can cover anywhere between 8km in a half day or 12km in a full day


Gaps and paths narrower than 800mm, Struggles with steep slopes, off-camber, loose sand, deep mud.

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