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Paddle Awards

Want to learn more about paddling and develop your skills whilst gaining a recognised performance certificate? We are really excited about the new awards as they take a truly flexible and inclusive approach. You develop your paddling, at your pace, in a way, that suits your needs. 

We are offering the three main introductory awards Paddle Start, Paddle Discover and Paddle Explore.

These awards can be completed in canoes, sit on top kayaks, paddleboards and pack rafts. 

You can book as individuals, a group of friends/family, school or organisation. Throughout the year we will be providing open courses, these will be shared on our events page and social media. These are recommended time lines for each award, however there is no deadline and we can make sessions longer to cater for those with more complex needs. 

Find out more about what each award involves below...

Paddle Start

  • Choosing the right equipment for you
  • How to get in and out of your boat
  • Basics of making it move and returning to your start point
  • Assessing the water and how to move safely
  • Half day
  • Free Registration and Certificate

Paddle Discover

  • Decision making for a fun and safe time on the water
  • Choose and effectively use equipment
  • What effects your paddling
  • Develop confidence to become a proficient and independent paddler
  • Environmental factors; type of water, weather, other users
  • Safety and rescue
  • Full day
  • £6 for registration and certificate

Paddle Explore

  • Paddle independently in a sheltered water environment
  • Individualised coaching
  • Develop a range of effective paddling techiniques
  • Choosing the right venue
  • Assessing the environmental conditions
  • Risk management and rescue on the water
  • Full day
  • £8 for registration and certificate

You can find out more about the new awards here...

£160 for a half day (maximum group size of 6)

£250 for a full day (maximum group size of 6)

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