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Wike Special Needs Large Trailer 

The Wike Special Needs Large Trailer is  for larger children, older adults, or individuals with special needs who want to join in on a group ride.

Bike specification 

Cycle Position: Supported seated

Trailer: Attaches to rear axel of bike

Postural support: Waist belt, 5-point harness, support blocks and wedges

Solo or Tandem:  Tandem

Size: CHildren - small adults

Independent control: No


E-assisted: No

How many wheels: 2

Terrain: Forest paths

Manoeuvrability and Steering: Gates wider than 900mm, Turning circle wide
For more information have a look on their website here: Wike Trailer

Costs and Booking 

Guided rides are £170 for a half day and £300 for a full day (includes up to 8 people)
Hire for a half day £20
Hire for a full day £30
link to the bike hire booking form and group booking form

Who's it for? 

Is large enough for an occupant between 100 cm and 162.5 cm tall with a helmet on, and up to 56.7 kg


Where can it go? 

Wide gravel paths and forest tracks



Gates and tracks narrower than 900mm and stiles.

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