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To meet our mission and values we constantly review our activities and approach through feedback from our participants.

If you would like to share what you enjoyed, what we can improve or ideas for future activities, we collect feedback through...

Facebook comments and recommendations

Direct email

Or through our online survey

Alternatively if you would like to speak to a member of staff about your experience, you can contact, Gemma Hendry, our Organisational Manager on 07469928308.

Here are a few from over the past year...

"The kids really enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of the day. They were clearly very engaged and enjoyed spending time with you." Parent of an autistic student, Bushcraft and Orienteering.

"The trainers were really knowledgable and passionate about what they were delivering. This course has allowed me to be more confident in delivering climbing to all abilitites." Participant on a Climbing For All course at Perth Wall.

"Very approachable and able to adapt to all the various needs." Parent of a disabled young person on a NICAS Climbing course.

"The course was expertly delivered with great hands on and practical experience. I can see value in this becoming bigger and essential training for staff working in the outdoors in the UK." Participant on a Climbing For All course at Glenmore Lodge.

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