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Adaptive Cycle and Off-road Wheelchair Hub

Access Mhor Cairngorms

Access Mhor Cairngorms is a part of Able2Adventure and is our adaptive cycles and-off road wheelchair hub, based at Badaguish Outdoor Centre.

What are we?

We are a hub of adaptive cycles and off road wheelchairs, available for hire, or for guided Rides & Rambles. We are based at Badaguish Outdoor Centre, in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, where there are lots of trails for people of all abilities to explore.


This is a collaboration with Speyside Trust, Badaguish, to make adaptive bikes and off-road wheelchairs available to the general public, so that more people, can access the stunning Cairngorms National Park. We have received funding from the Cairngorms Trust and Cycling UK to improve and expand the fleet of bikes and a recent grant from SSE Hydro for a bike hub manager for the next three years. 


What do we have?

See the Full List in the Access Mhor menu for details on all of our Cycles and Off-road Wheelchairs.

We also have a range of Supportive aids such as Active Hands and Adaptive Pedals Accessories to help you out too. 

We are constantly striving to improve the fleet and as such take donations of cycles, and apply for grants to improve our services.


Costs and booking

For more information contact

Or complete a booking here... booking form

Guided Rides

£170 for a group for a half day session (this includes up to 8 people)

£300 for a group for a full day session (this includes up to 8 people)


£300, includes 1 member of staff, equipment, insurance and licence.

Plus travel and accommodation costs for outside of Strathspey


£30 Adaptive cycle for a half day

(£40) for a full day

£40 Adaptive e-assist cycle for a half day

(£60 for a full day)

£20 Wike Trailer, Tag-Along, Freewheel Attachment

(£30 Full Day)

£30 Manual off road wheelchair for a half day

(£40 for a full day)

£40 e-assist off road wheelchair for a half day

(£60 for a full day)


# Please note for any hire services you will need to sign a disclaimer and be competent in the use of the equipment.